Press Release

ANDVSA stands in solidarity with survivors

Released October 4, 2018

The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault respectfully requests that Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Dan Sullivan reject Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court.

ANDVSA, a membership agency comprised of 19 community-based organizations, is committed to ending sexual and domestic violence. We remain steadfast in our stance that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is not qualified to have the honor of serving a life-time appointment as a United States Supreme Court Judge. The confirmation hearing process thus far has generated more doubts than certainties, more questions than answers. These doubts and questions deserve additional and thoughtful exploration and consideration.

ANDVSA is a non-partisan organization. The sexual assault allegations and interactions displayed throughout this nomination process between Judge Kavanaugh and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee rise above party affiliation. President Trump’s flagrant disregard for respect, demonstrated during a rally in Mississippi where he dramatized specific sections of Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony, further undermines the credibility of this confirmation process.

ANDVSA is grounded in the value of self-determination. Today, we exercise that value to reaffirm our solidarity with each other, with survivors, and with those who work tirelessly to create an Alaska where people live without fear, are valued, and have opportunities to achieve their highest aspirations.

“Surely there is a qualified nominee whose background does not raise these types of issues,” Lowry said. “We deserve better.”


Contact: Carmen Lowry, Executive Director – (907) 586-3650