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AMCR Mini-Grants
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  • The latest 2014-2015  Alaska Men Choose Respect Mini-Grant Applications are out!

    To apply for an Alaska Men Choose Respect Mini-Grant, click here. The application deadline is Friday, September 19, 2014. If you have any questions, please contact Kami at 

    Look below to review past projects or visit the Alaska in Action page on the Alaska Men Choose Respect website.


    The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault works hard to support partnerships between male leaders and community organizations working to promote safe and respectful relationships. ANDVSA in partnership with the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and Governor Parnell’s Choose Respect Initiative offers grants to fund prevention projects around domestic violence, sexual assault and teen dating violence.

    Projects ideas:
    • Role modeling or promoting respect and equality
    • Speaking out against violence and promoting healthy relationships
    • Projects that integrate culture, respect, wellness, and relationships
    • Redefining masculinity and strength
    • Organizing men to plan and coordinate community activities that promote respect and safety

    To see what men in communities across Alaska are already doing and to get more ideas around potential projects click here.

    2012- 2013 Mini-Grant Recipients:

    ALLAKAKET: With funding through an Alaska Men Choose Respect mini-grant, Allakaket will be able to gather men in the community to build birch Yukon sleighs and toboggans. Men who have knowledge of how to build Yukon sleighs and toboggans will facilitate by assisting and teaching others, especially the younger men, to build sleighs. Elders will be invited to so as to impart knowledge about sleigh building, uses for sleighs in older times, stories from life long ago, and stories relating to traditional values concerning inherent respect for others, women, children, and elders.

    CORDOVA: With the support of an Alaska Men Choose Respect mini-grant, the Cordova Family Resource Center will work with men and boys in Cordova to create and launch a media campaign with local men highlight healthy masculinities and respect. This campaign will help connect the community and strengthen the support to reduce and end violence.

    FAIRBANKS: In partnership with Tanana and other interior villages, Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living will create a media campaign consisting of radio and TV PSAs and print materials. The PSAs will feature male leaders and teachers from the communities, teaching, coaching, and engaging in traditional activities. Through the words and actions portrayed in the PSAs men in these communities will be making a statement and setting the norm that Alaskan men and boys choose respect. The print materials will feature young men from these same communities reinforcing the message that Alaskan men and boys choose respect.

    JUNEAU: AWARE’s Alaska Men Choose Respect mini-grant will support the ongoing implementation of Coaching Boys into Men, a coaches leadership program that partners with athletic coaches to help young male athletes practice respect towards themselves and others. Five Juneau teams currently implement this program, and the Alaska Men Choose Respect mini-grant will support their efforts, as well as a public coaches’ clinic to train coaches new to the Curriculum. In an ongoing effort to change social norms encouraging healthy, non-violent beliefs and behaviors among boys and men, AWARE will use AMCR Mini-grant funds to invest in resources and training to create low-cost, professional-quality print, audio and video campaigns.

    OLD HARBOR: Old Harbor, with the support of an Alaska Men Choose Respect mini-grant, the community of Old Harbor is embarking on a journey to bring to an end the plague of domestic violence, sexual assaults, substance abuse, child neglect and maltreatment, high unemployment rates, emotional despair and weak expectations for the future. By reaching out to all members of the community, its goal is to create the opportunity for the elders to once again become mentors, for its men to become teachers for the youths, and for the youths to learn to become the leaders of tomorrow. Through an array of specially selected activities to include weekly “Coffee Breaks” for community interaction in a non-formal setting, Father & Son Activities to bring the men in a family together, establishing male participation and leadership on the “Choose Respect” Campaign march, kayaking trips to develop bonding and cultural skills, and involving more of the adults males into all aspects of community survival, the seed of change would be planted whose growth would strengthen the fabric of its culture and safety net for its families and, most of all, help lead is people towards the new dawning of a brighter future.

    Past Alaska Men Choose Respect Mini-Grant Recipients

    2012 Alaska Men Choose Respect Projects

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