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Foundations for Addressing Health and Safety
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  • We will build trust with communities by following through on our commitments and by:

    • Promoting well-being and harmony within relationships, families and communities in the state;
    • Valuing and incorporating diverse worldviews, traditions, languages, experiences, scholarship, and knowledge;
    • Working to understand our place in the system and the responsibilities we hold;
    • Minimizing power differences as relates to social needs, organizing, and response to needs;
    • Considering gender as a determinant of health for boys and girls, women and men; Consider the intersections between economic, racial, gender, and cultural hierarchies;
    • Breaking down attitudes and practices that contribute to disparities and cultivate violence;
    • Identifying engrained structural and systemic factors that affect individuals’ wellness, safety, and success;
    • Clarifying and working to shift mechanisms by which social determinants generate health inequities;
    • Incorporating evaluation tools that assess the impact of our work as it relates to specific groups in Alaska.
    • Continually evaluating how our privilege impacts our work.
    • Creating or adapting policies and programs to support whole people and strong communities.

    These actions are based on the following values:

    • Together we can do what we cannot do apart;
    • We believe solutions lie within a community, so we ask a community what they need;
    • We commit to expanding who is  included and excluded from the conversations and services;
    • We must engage communities in a culturally respectful way with humility and following community protocols;
    • Every person has multiple identities that impact their lives and needs including: race; ethnicity; national origin; class; gender; sexual orientation; immigration status; educational background; language; kinship ties; disability; and family history.
    • We must consider the historical context, social and economic policy, and decision making structures that shape our collective experiences within Alaska and address the structures that perpetuate inequities in health and safety;
    • We recognize that each person’s identities are not separate, but rather, they intersect requiring us to unify specialized frameworks for analyzing root causes.

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    ANDVSA's members are the 18 domestic violence and sexual assault victim service agencies within Alaska. If you have forgotten your password, please contact the Juneau office.

    Contact Information

    Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
    130 Seward St., Suite 214
    Juneau, Alaska 99801
    (907) 586-3650
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