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Intersecting Identities and Root Causes of Violence
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  • The Pathways Statewide Steering Committee has developed a web-conference series to create an opportunity for statewide dialogue across various professions and fields.  The series features organizations within and outside of Alaska that are actively exploring the social and structural determinants of health and safety.  These groups are considering how systems and conditions intersect with race, culture, class, sexual orientation, gender, and other identities and how we can increase access to health, wellness and safety for all Alaskans.

    These conversations will continue through 2015 and culminate in face-to-face discussions, tools for communities and organizations, and additional resources to better understand how to end violence and change social conditions that perpetuate violence or improve wellness of communities.

    There has been a tremendous interest in this series both live and recorded with hundreds of call participants and over 1,000 recording views.

    First Alaskan Institute’s Alaska Native Discussions on Racial Equity

    Previous web-conference recordings and more information are available here.

    • Alaska Native Discussions on Racial Equity (ANDORE), First Alaskans Institute
    • Addressing Gender Inequities in Health and Safety (AGIHS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Communication Across Barriers: Poverty Competency- Communication Across Barriers
    • Bethel’s Journey to Undoing Racism- Association of Village Council Presidents and Tundra Women’s Coalition


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