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Pathways Statewide Prevention
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  • Pathways Statewide Steering Committee:

    Seven goals of the Pathways Statewide Prevention Plan

    Cover of Pathways FinalIn 2003, Alaska joined a national effort when the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault entered into a Cooperative Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to build capacity to prevent domestic violence throughout the state. The Cooperative Agreement, led to the development of the Pathways Statewide Steering Committee. Since that time, Pathways members from diverse professions, regions, cultures and experiences have worked to develop, support, coordinate and evaluate the Prevention Plan, each year the plan is updated and updates can be viewed here: Pathways 2014-2015.






    By working together on the seven goals put forward in this plan, we can achieve our vision to end domestic and teen dating violence in Alaska. For information about the Pathways Statewide Steering Committee, contact

    For companion coordinated state government efforts please contact Ann Rausch at the Department of Public Safety, Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

    Prevention is a collaborative effort. The following is a list of contacts for various prevention work prioritized under the Pathways plan:

    Pathways Steering Committee Role:

    The role of the Pathways Steering Committee is to collaborate on the effective implementation and evaluation of the statewide Pathways to Preventing Domestic Violence plan. This is done by:

    • Working together to create a supportive environment for primary prevention
    • Identifying potential collaboration opportunities to move primary prevention forward
    • Reviewing and monitoring progress of the statewide plan
    • Developing annual priorities for statewide prevention
    • Acting as a resource for Pathways through constituent groups
    • Participating in scheduled statewide steering committee meetings and prevention sub-committees

    Pathways Statewide Steering Committee Members:

    • The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: Lori Grassgreen, Kami Moore and Peggy Brown
    • The Association of Alaska School Boards:
      Timi Tullis
    • Alaska Department of Education and Early Development: Patty Owen
    • Aiding Women in Abuse and Rape Emergencies: Ati Nasiah
    • Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health: Section of Women’s, Children’s and Family Health & the Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project: Mollie Rosier, Jo Gottschalk and Dr. Linda Chamberlain
    • The Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: Ann Rausch
    • Clarke Public Health Consulting, Sitka:
      Gretchen Clarke
    • Alaska Mental Health Trust: Natasha Pineda
    • Mat-Su Health Foundation: Melissa Kemberling
    • SouthCentral Foundation and Alaska Native Justice Center: Denise Morris
    • University of Alaska Anchorage; ISER: Virgene Hanna; Circumpolar Health: David Driscoll; School of Nursing: Rachel Muir
    • Strategic Prevention Solutions: Wendi Siebold
    • Elders and Community Representatives: Anna Frank, Doug Modig, Elizabeth Sunnyboy, Pete Hoepfner, Larry Roberts, and Naomi Michalsen

    For more information on membership to the Pathways Statewide Steering Committee contact

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