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Web Conferences
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  • Addressing the root causes of violence

    Throughout 2013  The Pathways Statewide Steering Committee, with support from the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and the Department of Public Safety Council On Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault will hosted a lunch time web – conference exploring the social and structural determinants of health and safety. The purpose of this series is to better understand how to end violence, change social conditions that perpetuate violence, and improve wellness of communities.
    The Addressing Root Causes of Violence Web Conference series will return this spring, 2014. Check back here for an updated schedule soon.
    Below you can view the past web conference series recordings:

    Considering inter-generational violence when planning for prevention: Dr. Linda Chamberlain

    Conversations and Tools for Addressing Barriers to Health and Safety in Alaska: Pathways to Prevention
    Deconstructing Gender and Social Change: B. Cole

    Violence Prevention and Social Justice with Paul Kivel

    Knowing Who You Are:

    The May 28 webconference shared the history and current work of the state and tribal partnership of Knowing Who You Are.  Linda Fiechtl and Bev Oskolkoff shared information about  the partnership between the state, tribal partners, and tribal organizations training process Knowing Who You Are (KWYA). Speakers shared more on the KWYA process and three part curriculum created by Casey Family Programs that centers on healthy racial and ethnic identity. Created with the direct collaboration of alumni of foster care, youth still in care, birth parents, and resource families, the curriculum helps professionals explore race and ethnicity, preparing them to support the healthy development of their constituent’s racial and ethnic identity.   Discussions centered around culture, language, and education on racism.

    Bethel’s Journey: Undoing Racism and Historical Trauma

    Communication Across Barriers with Dr. Donna Beegle

    Alaska Native Dialogues on Racial Equity (ANDORE) Project:
    With Jorie Paoli, Director of Organizational Advancement; First Alaskans Institute.

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