Strategic Goals for FY2021

The Board, executive leadership, and staff of ANDVSA have identified two long-term goals to guide our work until FY21. One goal is focused on primary prevention efforts and a second on ANDVSA’s partnerships.By working concurrently on these new goals, while at the same time remaining committed to ANDVSA’s ongoing life-saving, core intervention programming and crisis work, we believe we can expand the spaces and opportunities for more survivors, organizations, community groups, tribal groups, and state/federal entities to work together to end domestic and sexual violence.


Goal 1: ANDVSA believes that primary prevention is essential to ending domestic and sexual violence, and that preventing domestic and sexual violence is a strong community value throughout the state. By August 2021, every ANDVSA member program will have increased opportunities, resources, and information to be collaboratively involved within its community on primary prevention work.


Goal 2: ANDVSA believes that the most effective prevention of and response to domestic and sexual violence is through strong, collaborative partnerships. By August 2021, ANDVSA will be widely recognized across a vast array of stakeholders as expert in the areas of sexual and domestic violence prevention and intervention services, and highly respected for its successful models of partnership.