The ANDVSA Training Project provides training and technical assistance to advocacy programs and partner organizations.

ANDVSA provides:

  • Training resources for both the public and ANDVSA member and affiliate programs
  • Basic and advanced training for domestic violence and sexual assault advocates, both online and in-person
  • Technical assistance and resource development for ANDVSA member and affiliate programs
  • Specialized training on domestic violence, sexual assault, and multiple abuse issues for advocates, community agencies, and law enforcement

Specifically, ANDVSA offers:

  • Calendar of both ANDVSA and national webinars and trainings
  • On-line course on Understanding Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault for advocates and for the public
  • In-person trainings for advocates and partner agencies
  • Training webinars for our members, affiliates and partner agencies
  • Resources including publications, webinar recordings, and helpful websites

Our featured resource is Real Tools: Responding to Multi-Abuse Trauma- A Tool Kit to Help Advocates and Community Partners Better Serve People With Multiple Issues. To access this resource in English, click here, for the Spanish version; Materiales Efectivos, En Español; click here.

For questions about our Training Project, please contact Ariel Herman, at or call ANDVSA at (907) 586-3650.