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Youth Engagement
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  • Youth Engagement

    The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault provides several opportunities for youth to engage in the movement to end violence in Alaska.  In partnership with ANDVSA, Alaska youth have helped create media campaigns promoting respect and healthy relationships, and have carried out community projects across the state.  On a yearly basis youth leaders come together at Lead On and learn leadership skills, as well as plan ways to creating change in their communities.

    Stand Up Speak Up Alaska

    SUSU TransparentStand Up Speak Up Alaska is focused on creating new relationship norms in our state.  Youth reach out to their peers by creating public service announcements focused on respect and ending violence and by carrying out projects in their communities.
    Click below to find out more information about the Stand Up Speak Up campaign.

    Watch SUSU spots here.
    Curious about SUSU community projects? Click here to view SUSU Projects 2013
    Click here to visit the official SUSU website.


    Lead On! For Peace and Equality

    Lead On! For Peace and Equality is a youth leadership conference that takes place every year in Anchorage.  At Lead On!, youth leaders from all over the state come together to gain leadership skills, plan positive change in their home communities, as well as connect with likeminded peers and have fun.   Lead On!, youth bring change back to their communities by creating and carrying out projects among their peers.

    Click here to learn more about Lead On! For Peace and Equality


    When I Am An Elder

    When I Am An Elder is the latest youth campaign to promote respect peace and equality for the future of our state.  To create a positive environment for all in our state, and to have a future without violence, Alaskan youth challenged their communities to imagine it.

    Click here to view the When I Am An Elder campaign.



     Love, Heal, Protect 

    Love Heal Protect is ANDVSA’s latest non-violence campaigns and the message is already quickly spreading.  This campaign focuses on elders encouraging youth to become involved in the community, and there are many benefits to youth when they are connected to family, tradition and community.  Since then, youth have also taken an active role in the campaign by interviewing Elders about traditional childcare and family values.

    Click here for more information about Love, Heal, Protect.

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